Through our training and support, PurpleLily builds the skills and confidence to create brighter futures, hence, we are delighted to be part of the SMARTSTART programme. It is an initiative funded by National Population and Family Development Board.  This programme is designed specifically for newly married couples (married less than 5 years) and couples who are planning to get married to help them prepare for the new chapter in their lives.

The objectives:

  1. To provide knowledge and skills in preparation for marriage
  2. To prepare couples mentally and build positive attitudes
  3. To provide a safe platform for couples to understand and discover themselves and their partner

The programme is delivered in 6 sessions which are interactive, offers many practical activities and which always include some fun & laughter.

The content:

  • Session 1 : Getting to know yourself
  • Session 2 : Managing hopes and reality
  • Session 3 : Overcoming conflicts and challenges
  • Session 4 : Remember! Express your feelings
  • Session 5 : Building sexual intimacy
  • Session 6 : Managing family resources

We were pleased that 16 couples attended the course on July 30th & 31st, 2018. We wish them all a healthy, loving and long lasting relationships.


Learning how to express yourself and you feelings in a relationship.


Learning about yourself and your husband.


Support from friends is important even when we are married.


Learning with laughter is effective and a lot more fun!