Training of Trainers

We specialise in Life Skills and Financial Education training for women. We have a focus on quality learning outcomes where workshops involve women’s engagement using a participant centered pedagogy approach.

We have an efficient Training of Trainer (TOT) programme which has a dual purpose:

  1. To offer quality Life Skills and Financial Education training to women in rural communities. Due to distance, it is often difficult to reach women in rural areas, our TOT programme is an effective model to provide training to these women.  We believe it is important to give all women the opportunity to access training and learn personal development skills
  1. To develop facilitation skills for local trainers, empower them and build their confidence to deliver workshops in their communities. We encourage our Associate Facilitators to take a more active role in their communities, to develop their leadership and mentoring skills and to become a role model for women and girls in their communities.

Our TOT programme has been successfully implemented in rural areas of Sarawak as well as in Nepal and Cambodia. This model is cost effective, easily scalable and empowering.  According to our ex-participants and Associate Facilitators this programme is considered successful. Our workshops, trainers’ manuals and resources have been designed to be informative, simple to use and effective. We always include practical tools that women can easily relate to and implement into their daily lives.

TOT Lundu. Suraya, Effa and Waniey helping Associate Facilitators
Esther (TOT Project Manager 2015)
TOT in Cambodia. Ginette Training 4 facilitators in Cambodia

In 2015, we were delighted to obtain funding to extend our Training of Trainers into 3 communities in Sarawak. We implemented the programme in Lundu, Sri Arman and Bau. Again, the feedback was positive and we feel it is a great programme to reach and inspire women in rural areas.

Active learning
Associate Facilitator Practicing
Communication Activity
Small Group Activity
Lundu Closing Ceremony