Life Skills Training

PurpleLily specialises in providing Life Skills Training and Financial Education to women & girls from all walks of life. However, our passion is to invest in women from more economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that these women & girls will benefit greatly from our training, which will hopefully be a positive turning point in their lives. Our workshops are informative, practical, interactive, and fun!

Financial Literacy

Introduction to money management. Participants will list down their needs VS wants and later list down their types of expenses & tracking. We teach our participants to become money wise, share the plan with family and avoid scams.

Building Confidence

We teach our women & girls about the cycle of confidence, how self-confidence can be build (or destroyed) as well as to believe in themselves as this is the first step to create positive change in their lives. We practice a variety of techniques such as positive self-talk, the use of affirmations and power pose.
A lady from Bintulu sharing her positive affirmation with the others.
Harvard research shows that doing power pose like the superwoman can help to increase testosterone level which lead to increased confidence. Hence, one of our activities are teaching our participants to practice power pose in the building confidence workshop.

Effective Communication Skills

We are always communicating with others, but do we know how to communicate effectively ? This workshop focuses on effective verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening skills, writing/texting and become more aware of our body language. This workshop is highly interactive filled with many activities to develop our communication skills. 

One of our activities for this workshop is ‘Radio Rosak’ also known as Broken Radio. This game will give practical learning to participants that effective communication is influenced by many factors.
Our participants are enjoying our activities in this workshop.

Presentation Skills

We have presentation skills workshop for our participants, weather for our teenage daughters or our next-door aunty. This is because we are living in a diverse and competitive world, so we believe that one need to stand up and stand out to have their message delivered effectively. This workshop is useful for our young ones in their education or women who involved in SMEs.

Goal Setting

There is a saying goes ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ Hence, we often use SMART Goal Setting strategy and help participants to design a simple goal setting plan to follow. This is because we wanted our participants to have a clear vision of their small little step today can help them achieve their bigger goal tomorrow.


We see that motivation empower women and girls to take corrective action in the face of curcumstances in life which consequently help them to adapt to their environment and function productively in the society. We teach them ways to gain motivation in their daily life so they can align their action towards their purpose. In our session, we have pair work where each participants will speak out motivating message to their partner.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking an important component of personal and professional development. This activities-filled workshop helps participants to put into practice positive thinking including self-talk, re-framing beliefs, affirmations and using a gratitude journal.

Leadership Skills

The idea of being a leader can be intimidating sometimes. But everyone needs to be a leader in their life no matter what role they play in life, be it a mother, a career women or a student. In this workshop, we provide them the confidence to take action, be a relationship builder and effective communicators.

Stress Management

Stress is part of life, we must learn to cope, adapt and be resillient. In this workshops we explore about the variety of symptoms of stress, how it affects us and how to learn to deal with stressors. If we don’t control our stress, stress will control us!

Reproductive Health and Women’s Wellness

This workshop emphasise on diseases related to women’s reproductive system, emotional & mental health, the importance of health checks and eventually teach mothers to educate their children about sexual awareness to avoid health and social problems. Our interactive session involve participants to guess whether the statements given is a ‘myth or truth’,

Healthy Relationship

Our participants love this workshop because it is fun and very engaging! Participants are arranged for group works and practice tips on positive relationship as well as identify toxic relationship together. It will empower participants to practice affirmative communication in relationship, practice open communication & seek help if necessary.

Sexual Awareness

To educate teenager on reproductive system, consequences of teenage pregnancy and the danger of unprotected sex i.e., sexually transmitted diseases. Also discussed statutory rape and reporting procedures for rape victim. We also incorporated ‘myth and truth games’ regarding sexual awareness topics.