Essential Training to Inspire and Empower Women

Life Skills Training


PurpleLily specialises in providing Life Skills Training and Financial Education to women & girls from all walks of life. However, our passion is to invest in women from more economically disadvantaged  backgrounds. We believe that these women & girls will benefit greatly from our training, which will hopefully be a positive turning point in their lives. Our workshops are informative, practical, interactive and fun!

Building Confidence 

This workshop is very important for our participants. We teach our women & girls about the cycle of confidence, how self-confidence can be build (or destroyed) and how to learn to believe in themselves as this is the first step to create positive change in their lives. We practice a variety of techniques like positive self-talk, the use of affirmations and power pose and give them many quick tips on how to boost their confidence immediately.

“Never bend your head.  Always hold it high.  Look the world straight in the face”.  Helen Keller

Communication Skills
We are always communicating with others but do we know how to communicate effectively? This workshop focuses on effective verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening skills, writing/texting and become more aware of our body language. This workshop is highly interactive filled with many activities to develop our communication skills.

Presentation Skills
Public speaking is rated as one of people’s top fears…However, many of our women & girls need to learn how to present more effectively to be able to succeed. Many of our women have small businesses, they must present/sell their products or services  to earn a living. In this workshop, we show them simple steps to follow to do a presentation, we give   participants have the time to plan and then, deliver a short presentation to a group. Our facilitators give them feedback.

Goal Setting
This is often a new concept for our women & girls, yet, we believe that showing them what are goals, why they are important and then, go through the process of setting goals is highly beneficial for them. We often use SMART Goal Setting strategy and we always take the time to design a plan to follow. When the participants leave the workshop, they have a clear vision of the goal, the steps to achieve it and they commit to “one action today” to get the momentum going.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We often start working on a project or  a goal  feeling enthusiastic and excited. However, for many of us, keeping the motivation until we reach our target goal can be a challenge.  This workshop teach our participants about motivation, where does it come from? Why do we feel de-motivated at times? How to overcome this? We give practical tips on how to keep the motivation and momentum going longer.

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you’re right!”  Henry Ford

Positive Thinking
This workshop helps the participants to understand how positive thinking is an important component of personal and professional development. What we focus on, we experience! This workshop has many activities to put into practice positive thinking including: self-talk, re-framing beliefs, affirmations and using a gratitude journal. The participants often feel refreshed and energized after this workshop.

Five Healthy Habits
We are creatures of habits. A habit is a behaviour pattern that is learned by frequent repetitions. Do we have healthy habits included in our daily lives? This workshop focuses on what healthy habits are and we look specifically at 5 healthy habits. We provide activities and strategies to help create and sustain healthy habits to improve life style, health and overall mental wellbeing of our women & girls.

Leadership Skills
Everyone will have the opportunity to be a leader at some time in life, whether it’s leading a sports team, family or a group in class. So with this in mind, this workshop is designed as a basic introduction to identifying characteristics of good leadership, developing self-confidence in leadership and having a clear purpose and a vision when a leader.

Stress Management
Many of us feel anxious, overwhelmed, worried and upset at times. Stress is part of life, we must cope and adapt.  In this workshops we talk about the variety of symptoms of stress, how it affects us and how to learn to deal with stressors.  This workshop includes many practical activities and tips to manage our stress more effectively. If we don’t control our stress, stress will control us!

Sexual Education (for girls aged between 15-18)
Unfortunately, many girls and young women in our communities receive very little or no sexual education. We provide a safe environment with a respect to the local culture to teach them about sexuality. Our Lead Facilitator, Erin Sineng (certified nurse) starts with the basics of physiology of female/male body parts, contraception and STDs and the social & emotional impact of teenage pregnancy. We have a major focus on relationships, what is a healthy relationship, how to communicate feelings with a boyfriend, and as well, the concept of consent and sexual assault. Although a serious topic, we deliver this workshop in a fun manner where the girls can laugh, giggle and safe to ask questions and feel respected.