Our Organisation

Our Organisation

PurpleLily is a non-profit organisation committed to “inspire and empower women & girls to thrive and shine” by providing life skills training and financial education.

We cater predominantly for women and girls who are considered disadvantaged. These women have jobs, skills and potential however they are nevertheless restricted by their low incomes. We are strongly believe in empowering girls as they are the women of tomorrow.

Through our training and support, PurpleLily can build the skills and confidence to create brighter futures.


The beautiful purple lilies found in Borneo are exposed daily to strong winds, rainstorms and the blistering sun, however they still thrive, shine and bloom every morning. They were the inspiration for our name. Our women are like these flowers, managing all the events and challenges that life throws at them. They amaze us with their courage, their resilience and the confidence to keep going and, more importantly, to keep growing.