Our Team

Founder :

Ginette Collin

Purplelily Founder

Ginette Collin started PurpleLily in May 2012. She provided the seed funding to start the organisation, developed and implemented the strategy and processes and designed & developed Life Skills and Financial Literacy workshops. Ginette Collin is a former Performance Development Manager and ESL teacher. She has a background in starting up and managing small businesses. She has worked and has been involved in community initiatives in Ecuador (South America), Gaza City (Palestinian Territories), United Arab Emirates (Middle East) and directly supports education development initiatives in Tanzania (Africa). She has been designing, developing and delivering Life Skills Training courses to women in the UAE. Further to this, Ginette conducted research into the “Mental Toughness” of women in the UAE which was published. She is also a published columnist for a Middle Eastern Magazine, where she wrote a Self Development monthly column.

Board Member :

Suraya Bujang


Suraya Bujang, obtained her first degree in Social Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia while working in Bank Negara Malaysia Kuching branch. She pursues her second degree Corporate Master’s in Business Administration from UNIMAS and have lecturing experience at UNITAR, Inti College, Institute Eksekutif and Swinburne Sarawak University of Technology. She is passionate about children and women’s issues and have the experience to deliver Purplelily workshop. She brings to PurpleLily local expertise, networking with local agencies to strengthen ties with local community and knowledgeable in adults learning process. Suraya is instrumental in programme delivery and facilitation, contextualising customs and traditions of the community by delivering the workshop in local dialect.

Syaffina Desi Apon

Assistant Chairperson

Syaffina Desi Apon was elected as the Vice President in 2016. Syaffina’s strengths and experience in public relation have proven to be very beneficial to PurpleLily. Her knowledge in advertising and promotion has helped PurpleLily to get exposure and become known with the general public. She uses her talent and gifts to give back to the community. She is currently working at Jabatan Kesihatan Sarawak.

Wendy Chang Ying Ying


Wendy Chang Ying Ying has been elected as the Treasurer since 2019. She was an academic staff at the School of Business in an Australian University branch campus for 18 years after 15 years of experience in the industry as an accountant. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand before completing her Masters of Business Administration with the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. She is also a Chartered Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. She enjoys volunteering her knowledge and experience to support non-profit organisations to give back to the community she grew up in.

Lydia Ann


Lydia Ann has joined Purple Lily since January 2019. She graduated from Social Science & Humanities at UNIMAS in 2018. She demonstrated active participation of volunteerism in AIESEC and other student associations during her university life. After graduation, she continues the work of positive social change in local community especially among women and girls. Her organizational skills, team spirit and passion for women’s right make her valuable to the team.

Siti Radiah Aani


Siti Radiah Aani joined Purple Lily in 2019. She is one of our facilitators during our workshops. She obtained Bachelor degree in Mass Communication (Advertising) from University Technology MARA. Previously, she has worked with Sarawak Tourism Board as Media Liaison Officer and State Tourism Action Council, Kuching as Event and Domestic Marketing Manager. Today, she is an entrepreneur and is a cake artist at Piece of Cake. On her free time, she enjoys volunteering in Purple Lily and contribute to the society.

Dayang Norfie


Dayang Norfie joined Purple Lily in 2019. She is also one of our facilitators during our workshops. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in TESL and later further her education in MBA Business Entrepreneurship. She has teaching experience in many education institution in Sarawak, include Technology College Sarawak (TCS), ICATS, Multimedia College Sarawak, Facilitator and part time lecturing in UNIMAS as well as a research consultant. She also love to participate in volunteering activities and is currently also serve in VCEE19, Yayasan Salam Malaysia, Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia (JKM) and Sukarelawan Jalanan.

grace Ong Wei Wen

Media & Publicity

Grace Ong Wei Wen joined Purple Lily in December 2019. Her first involvement in Purple Lily was the PurpleLily Girls Camp 2019 in Sumiran Camp. Since then, she become interested to participate in Purple Lily activities. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Monash University, Australia, majoring in Literary Studies. She also has certification in Standard Mental Health First Aider Certification of Accreditation by Mental Health First Aid Australia. She is currently a research assistant in Unimas Holdings SDN BHD. The research involved the study of socio-economic impact from employment of low skilled foreign workers and international internship program in Malaysia.