Essential Training to Inspire and Empower Women

Our Team


Founder & International Projects Director

Ginette Collin – Founder and International Projects Director

new-ginetteGinette founded PurpleLily in May 2012. She provided the seed funding to start the organisation, developed and implemented the processes and fundraising strategy. She developed the Life Skills and Financial Literacy workshops and trained local trainers. Ginette has a background in Education, Performance Development Management and is a certified NLP Coach. She has worked and lived in various countries: Guatemala, Ecuador, Ireland, Australia, Istanbul (Turkey), Gaza (Palestinian Territories), United Arab Emirates, Kuching (Borneo) and is currently living in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). She is a published columnist for a Middle Eastern Magazine, where she wrote a  Self Development monthly column.

Kuching Team 

Suraya Bujang – President and Facilitator

Suraya_webSuraya Bujang, has a degree in Social Science form Universiti Sains Malaysia and a second degree in Corporate Master in Business Administration from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). She has a vast experience in lecturing at UNITAR, Inti College, Institute Eksekutif and Swinburne Sarawak University of Technology. She is passionate about children and women issues and brings to PurpleLily the local expertise, networking with local agencies to strengthen ties with local communities and knowledgeable in adults learning process. Suraya has been involved at PurpleLily since 2012 and is instrumental in programme delivery and facilitation, contextualising customs and traditions of the communities by delivering the workshop in local dialect.


Syazana YH (Zana) – Treasurer and Office Manager


Zana has joined PurpleLily in March 2018 and quickly became an important team member. She graduated in Social Science at UNIMAS. She has excellent administration, organisational and problem solving skills. She is incredibly reliable and has brilliant work ethics. Zana is a mother of a young 1 year old daughter and is juggling work and motherhood gracefully. She is passionate and dedicated to inspire & empower women & girls.


Li Na Yong – Aspiration & Leadership Camp Coordinator and Facilitator

Lina_profile_webLi Na has been involved with PurpleLily since 2013. She has a real passion to give back to the community and is in charge of organizing our annual Aspiration & Leadership camp for girls of 15-18 years old. She is a natural networker and always full of ideas to reach and empower more women & girls. She is an established accountant, however, is always there to support PurpleLily with facilitating workshops and attending advocacy meetings and seminars. She is a highly valuable and respected member of our team.


Erin Sineng  – Aspiration & Leadership Camp Assistant-Coordinator and Facilitator


Erin joined our team in 2016. She is a nurse (certified in Australia) and is passionate about helping women and children. Erin is a key player in organizing our annual Aspiration & Leadership camp and is our main Sexual Education workshop Facilitator. She is an amazing PurpleLily promoter and always recruits high quality volunteers for the camp. She is an advocate for women’s rights and we are delighted to have her on our team.


Marta Molina Rodriguez  – Secretary and Facilitator


Marta joined PurpleLily in August 2018 as the Activity facilitator for the Leadership & Aspiration Camp, bringing her long experience as a scout and providing excellent activities for the girls. She is originally from Spain, has degrees in Translation & Interpreting and now lives in Kuching with her husband. Marta is a passionate advocate for women’s rights. She bring fresh ideas, energy and is highly dedicated to empower women & girls. Mart is efficient and reliable, we are so pleased that she is our new secretary and part of our team.


Alex Uton – Assistant Facilitator

IMG-20120811-00002Alex has been involved at PurpleLily since 2013. She is currently studying at UNIMAS and is an active member of Kuching Toastmasters Club. She is using her skills in public speaking to help PurpleLily delivering a range of workshops in Bahasa Malay. Her enthusiasm and energy is a valuable asset to our team. We are delighted to have Alex and other young women in our team of volunteers.



Previous Volunteers

Hazwani Ismail – Assistant-Secretary, Office Manager & Facilitator


Hazwani graduated in Social Work from the Faculty of Social Sciences at UNIMAS and has been involved at PurpleLily since 2013. She first worked as the PurpleLily office manager for 18 months. With her excellent organisational skills, reliability and dedication, she quickly became a very important person in the PurpleLily team. Hazwani’s natural ability to build rapport with the participants made her an exceptional facilitator. She is currently working as a Social Science Coordinator and lecturer at UNITAR but she always finds the time to support PurpleLily team.


Muna Effa – Office Manager & Facilitator

effaMuna graduated in Civil Engineering the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environment at UTHM and worked with our team for 2 years. As a trained engineer, she brought excellent administration, organisational and problem solving skills to PurpleLily. She has outstanding IT skills, work ethics and very good financial management knowledge. She is a dedicated team player, always smiling and ready to contribute and help the team.  She is passionate about team work and leadership which perfectly suits her involvement in the PurpleLily Girls programme. Muna is our Social Media expert, likes to meet new people and giving back to the community.


Phoebe Chong – PurpleLily Coordinator & Fundraiser

phoebePhoebe graduated from University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Agroecology, she is passionate for positive social change and wish to devote herself to help the impoverish communities in Sarawak.  Previously she had worked with International Environmental NGO assisting in sustainable supply chain consulting projects.   Her background in recruitment industry provides her experiences in business development and client management.  She is also active member of Society of Wilderness Sarawak (SOWS) and Toastmaster Club.   Her interests lie in poverty, environmental conservation, indigenous rights issues and education.


Linh Groen – PurpleLily Girls Facilitator

linhLinh Groen joined PurpleLily in February 2014 and worked with us for 2 years. She has a background in Human Resources Advising and has provided HR guidance to over 150 companies. She is passionate about leadership and women’s issues. She was part of our PurpleLily Girls programme while living in Kuching, we were blessed to have her on our team even for a short time. She is now back in Canada with her young family.


Syaffina Desi Appon – Vice-President


Syaffina was elected as the Vice President in 2016. Syaffina’s strengths and experience in public relation have proven to be very beneficial to PurpleLily. Her knowledge in advertising and promotion has helped PurpleLily to get exposure and become known with the general public. She uses her talent and gifts to give back to the community. She is currently working at Jabatan Kesihatan Sarawak.

Emma Martin – Programme Developer

Emma_webEmma is from New Zealand, has a background in education.  She worked as a primary teacher in New Zealand for 6 years before moving to the UAE working as an English Education Advisor and then a Life Skills Instructor in the government schools. She has kindly helped PurpleLily to develop new training material for our workshops. We are very fortunate to have had Emma’s experience, knowledge and dedication to enrich PurpleLily. She is now back in New Zealand with her young family.


Freda – Translator

Freda_webFreda is a professional interpreter at the Judiciary Court in Sarawak. She is involved in several voluntary organisations and passionate about women’s issues. Freda is helping PurpleLily with the translation of our training material in Bahasa Malay. We are very lucky to have Freda on board for her professional expertise, enthusiasm and kindness.