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Financial Empowerment of Rural Women in Sarawak FERWS

FERWS – Financial Empowerment of Rural Women in Sarawak

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and is known for its dense rainforest, rugged terrain and cost line. Although Kuching is a modern city, we often forget that thousands of communities that live in rural  and often remote areas. At PurpleLily, we pride ourselves in supporting and empowering women from all parts of Sarawak. Hence, we were delighted to get the Financial Empowerment of Rural Women in Sarawak (FERWS) sponsored by Bursa Bull charge.

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This gave us the opportunity to deliver our FERWS programme in 5 communities: Sibu, Betong, Miri, Sarikey & Serian. The programme included 5 workshops being conducted in 3 sessions. The workshops selected for the FERWS programme are:

  • Building confidence
  • Financial Literacy 1
  • Effective Communication
  • Financial Literacy 2
  • Motivation

We are pleased that 115 women completed FERWS. Their enthusiasm and level of participation showed us how they appreciated our workshops and time spent with them. They gained new knowledge and developed skills that will help them in their day to day lives, and that’s empowerment!

BBC workshop 2Women participating in an activity in our Motivation workshop.


BBC 3Women presenting their financial budget.


BBC 1We discuss serious topics but we always include some fun!