Purplelily Aspiration & Leadership Camp 2019

KUCHING – On 6th and 8th December 2019, PurpleLily Kuching, a registered non-profit organisation in Sarawak, organised its 3rd Aspiration and Leadership Camp and 92 girls aged between 15 to 19 years old attended. On the 1st and 2nd day, the girls participated in the Building Confidence workshop led by Counsellor Yong Li Na, followed […]

In the slums of Arequipa

In May 2018, I had the opportunity to work 3 weeks with women in the slums of Arequipa, the second biggest city in Peru. Many of these women left their villages to move to Arequipa in hope of finding work and better economic opportunities for their families. Unfortunately, too many end up living on the […]

Working in the Andes

In April 2018, Ginette collaborated with an awesome NGO in the Sacred Valley of Peru called AWAMAKI. This NGO specialises in economic empowerment for women in 9 communities in the Andes, specifically in the Ollantaytambo area by connecting artisan weavers to the global market. AWAMAKI is a well run and established NGO which has been operating […]

Purplelily in Ladakh

Ginette had the brilliant opportunity to partner with SECMOL (The Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) and deliver our PurpleLily Life Skills and Financial Literacy training to their students and while experiencing a month of living in this unique campus. SECMOL is a NGO that offers a foundation year for grade 10 students who […]

Purplelily Girls in Tanzania

  Ginette and her husband, Brian Ambrosio, have long been supporters of the “School of St Jude” in Tanzania. They both have visited and volunteered at this very special school. The School of St Jude, founded in 2002, is a charity funded school that provides a free, high-quality primary and secondary education to over 1,900 […]

Purplelily Empowering Women in Ethiopia

Ginette connected with an American couple, Donna and Tsygay, who run a small community development project in Sidama, South of Ethiopia. This is one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia. The project is near a village, Aleta Wendo, and is accessible to all the locals in the area. This development project supports the community in […]

Kopila Valley Women’s Center

Ginette was invited by Maggie Doyne (blinknow.org), founder of Kopila Women’s Center, to deliver our Life Skills workshops for Nepali women enrolled in their vocational training programme in Surkhet. Although the women were learning new skills that could eventually generate an income, Maggie sought more support for them. She wanted them to become more confident, […]

Women’s Resources Center (WRC)

The Women’s Resources Center (WRC) is a well- established NGO in Siem Reap.  WRC is a drop-in Centre for women which provides educational workshops to help the women in the community like: Legal Aid, Women’s Health and Parents Talks.  Ginette visited WRC and while speaking with Sally Douglas (Advisor) they quickly realised how our PurpleLily […]

Women of Worth – Siem Reap, Cambodia

  In March 2014, Ginette partnered with a small NGO called: Women of Worth (WOW). Glenys McDonald – the founder, provides sowing skill training and a lot of support for the women in an underprivileged community near Siem Reap.  The women make bags and sell them at tourists markets, hotels in Siem Reap but they […]

Purplelily surprises 1000th Workshop Participant

The Borneo Post ,  June 9, 2013 KUCHING: PurpleLily (a signature project of Soroptimist International – Kuching) is a non-profit project that specialises in life skills and financial literacy training for women in the state. It has been operating since May 1 and on May 20, PurpleLily reached a major milestone – PurpleLily’s financial literacy workshop […]