Women’s Resources Center (WRC)

The Women’s Resources Center (WRC) is a well- established NGO in Siem Reap.  WRC is a drop-in Centre for women which provides educational workshops to help the women in the community like: Legal Aid, Women’s Health and Parents Talks.  Ginette visited WRC and while speaking with Sally Douglas (Advisor) they quickly realised how our PurpleLily Life Skills and Financial Literacy would complement their existing programmes.


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Ginette returned to Siem Reap in May 2014 specifically to focus on training the WRC facilitators with the view of developing an ongoing partnership with WRC. By providing the training and sharing our resources, WRC could offer our workshops on an ongoing basis, reach many women in the Siem Reap community and empower the participants through our Life Skills & Financial Literacy Programme.

The schedule was thigh but in 10 days, 4 facilitators were trained and they delivered 3 workshops to participants. Kimsan was nominated by WRC to be the Life Skills & Financial Literacy Facilitator. She is excellent, very enthusiastic, develops rapport with participants easily and has a vibrant personality.

WRC started a group of 14 women for 6 sessions on the last day of the training. The first session was a great success. Kimsan was very good and the participants loved the Building Confidence workshop and the activities. Since then, Kimsan has continued delivering the full programme.  We are delighted for this partnership and we know WRC will continue to serve women in Siem Rea’s community which will have a significant impact in their lives.