Essential Training to Inspire and Empower Women

Life Skills Training


Communication Skills
We all communicate in life to send messages to each other. But do we know how to communicate effectively? This workshop will focus on effective verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening skills and tips for public speaking. Activities will take place during the workshop to practice effective communication, so come along to learn and have fun communicating with others!

Five Healthy Habits
Everyone has habits.  A habit is a behaviour pattern that is learned by frequent repetitions. But do you have healthy habits? This workshop will focus on what healthy habits are and will look specifically at 5 healthy habits. Strategies will be given to help create and sustain healthy habits to improve life style, health and overall mental wellbeing.

Goal Setting
Why do we need to set goals? What does the goal setting process look like? How will goal setting be beneficial in people’s personal and professional lives? If you are not sure, then come along to this workshop that will answer these questions and more! The goal setting tips you will learn about in this workshop, will be used in a practical action plan that will help you to feel empowered, have a vision and be able to achieve your dreams.

Leadership Skills
Everyone will have the opportunity to be a leader at some time in life, whether it’s leading a sports team, family or a group in class. So with this in mind, this workshop is designed as a basic introduction to identifying characteristics of good leadership, developing self-confidence in leadership and having a clear purpose and a vision when a leader.

Do you struggle with motivation levels? How often do you feel enthused, interested and enjoyment towards certain activities? Or is life just doing one job after the other? This workshop will teach about motivation, demotivation and self-motivation. It gives practical tips for working towards a personal goal and will give participants the chance to put what they have learnt into practice.

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you’re right!”  Henry Ford

Positive Thinking and Visualisation
This workshop will help you to understand how positive thinking is an important component of personal and professional development. What we focus on, we experience! This workshop has many activities to practise positive thinking, including self-talk, re-framing ideas, affirmations and using a gratitude journal.

Presentation Skills
Did you know that public speaking is rated as one of people’s top fears? Well this workshop is here to help! The first workshop looks at effective communication skills and how these impact successful presentations. In the second workshop, the participants have the chance to plan and deliver a short presentation to a group and then receive feedback. But no need to feel nervous….support and tips are given in advance to help prepare for a successful presentation.

Would you like to feel assertive, calm, positive and successful? Well come along to this self-confidence workshop which teaches about how to believe in yourself and how you can achieve any task you set your mind to! This workshop will also teach about the self-confidence cycle, how self-confidence is built and destroyed, the impact of positive self-talk and self-confidence boosters.

“Never bend your head.  Always hold it high.  Look the world straight in the face”.  Helen Keller

Stress Management
Do you often feel anxious, overwhelmed, worried and upset? Do you often feel STRESSED? It’s important to learn how to recognize when stress levels are out of control and how to manage this stress. This workshop will give tips for dealing with stress, and practical stress management activities will be taught like breathing techniques.