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Our Participants’ Stories

Our Participants’ Stories

Some of our amazing participants shared their stories and told us how PurpleLily workshops and training have impacted their lives.

  • My name is Adosi and I am 49 years old. I am married with one daughter and I teach at Perkata School. I have been attending PurpleLily workshops since May 2012.

    During the week, I stay with my parents on the outskirts of Kuching (10th mile) and I go back to Kampong Siratan every weekend. My family owns one car and I sometimes carpool with colleagues to go to work.

    For me, PurpleLily workshops have been very meaningful as I have been able to use the skills I learned in a practical way. Since PurpleLily came into my life, my confidence has been steadily growing.

    I really liked the Stress Management workshop as it taught me how to balance the many activities of my daily life in a more positive way and gave me strategies to deal with negative stress. The Goal Setting workshop gave practical advice on how to set and achieve goals, and I even created an action plan for my own personal goal.

    But out of all the workshops, I have found the Financial Club the most helpful. I now work with my husband and daughter at home and, together, we are now able to wisely manage a budget for expenses and savings. Although the Financial Club has ended, I continue to record my expenses in a small notebook, which I fill in every weekend.
    AdosiTeacher at Perkata School
  • My name is Lucia and I am also a teacher at Perkata Special School. I am married with three children: a 24-year old son who works offshore; a 21-year old son who studies Engineering at the University; and a 10-year old daughter. Both sons still live with us and the eldest contributes to the family expenses.

    My family rents private accommodation in Kuching but we also own a house in Kampung Paon Gahat (about 3 hours from Kuching, near the border with Indonesia). I go back to the Kampung once a month, for special occasions (events or family celebrations).

    I have also been attending the PurpleLily workshops since May 2012. The Life Skills workshops taught me about self- confidence and I am now able to use the skills learnt in my job. I have also learned how to manage myself in a better way when it comes to problems and stress. But I enjoyed the mind mapping workshop the best and I use those skills for planning my lessons.

    Through the Financial Club, I have learned how to manage my money better, which includes using a savings plan and buying only the necessary things each week. I understand the importance of saving and have shared that with my family, which encourages them to also think carefully about money.

    My main financial goal is to renovate and expand my house at the Kampung. However, unexpected expenses such as medical and school fees continue to make my goal not so easy to achieve. For example, last month I had to purchase a uniform for my daughter’s school club for 100 RM. Also, I find it very difficult to say “no” to my son, who keeps asking for more pocket money!
    LuciaTeacher at Perkata School
  • My name is Dayang and I am also a teacher at Perkata Special School. I am married with 5 children: a 27-year old daughter, who has a government job; a 26- year old daughter who works in a bank; a 23-year old son who is a chef; a 20-year old son who is studying at University; and a 17-year old son who is still in school. My two eldest daughters are married but still live with us.

    I own a small car and I come to work with my sister, who works in the same area. I live in Taman Samarindah, on the outskirt of Kuching.

    One day, I hope to open a small restaurant with my son and husband, who has already retired. I have four more years of work before I can retire too and start working towards my goal. Like Lucia, I always seem to have unexpected expenses, which stop me from getting to my goal faster.

    Since I have attended the PurpleLily workshops, I have more confidence in myself and have learned how to be more patient and prepared when dealing with stress. Through the Financial Club I have learned how to work with a budget and how to save. I am now able to say ‘no’ to people who ask for money from me but don’t pay me back. I enjoy sharing what I have learned through the PurpleLily workshops and share my class notes and learning with others.
    DayangTeacher at Perkata School
  • My name is Rabuyah, and I am also a teacher at Perkata School. I am single and 48 years old.

    I come from a very large family and have seven sisters and three brothers. I am really proud of my family and showed everyone at PurpleLily a photo of all my siblings. I live in Kuching from Monday to Friday and drive for about 2 hours every Friday afternoon to go back to my family home at Kampung Iboi in Sadong Jaya. At the Kampong, I stay at my family home with my elderly mother, a brother and a sister. They own a house, which is a government low-cost accommodation.

    From all the sessions with PurpleLily, my favourite was the goals-setting workshop and I try to apply what I have learned at my workplace. I find that I am now much more disciplined, thanks to the workshop.

    The Financial Club run by PurpleLily has been helpful to me too as I am now able to manage my money better. I have learned how to work with a budget and to save efficiently, and the workshops have given me some ideas about how I could start my own small business. I have shared this knowledge with others so they, too, are able to save part of their salary and keep track of all the family expenses.
    RabuyahTeacher at Perkata School
  • My name is Angelyn, and I am also a teacher at Perkata School. I am married with three children: a 21-year old son, who is training to be a medical lab technician and 16-year old twin sons, still in school. I live in Kampong Garung, which is about 35 kilometres from Kuching City and I commute every day with colleagues. I am trying to save for retirement and I also need money to pay for my younger sons’ education at University.

    The Financial Club, run by PurpleLily, has been so helpful as I have learned how to manage finances. I am now careful how I spend my money so that I can save part of my salary without affecting my family’s needs. I have learned how to set goals to save towards and how to keep track of daily and monthly expenses. I am passing on my knowledge to my family although I also sometimes find saving difficult because of unexpected costs/expenses.
    AngelynTeacher at Perkata School
  • My name is Patricia and I am an assistant teacher at Perkata School. I am married with three young daughters of 7, 11 and 12. The eldest daughter is in boarding school.

    My husband and I live on the outskirts of Kuching from Monday to Friday, while our three daughters stay with their maternal grandmother near Bau. The separation is very difficult for me, as I miss my daughters very much.

    We have only one car so my husband takes me to work every morning. I am determined to save for my daughters’ education and I share all my new skills and knowledge about the importance of saving with my husband. Together, we record our daily expenses on the kitchen calendar.
    PatriciaAssistant teacher at Perkata School