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Making a Bold Decision

Making a Bold Decision

Making a Bold Decision

Oasis Living Magazine, March 01, 2012

Throughout our lives, we are faced with a wide range of decisions to make. The simple decisions, such as what to have for dinner or whether or not to go to the gym, are usually resolved easily. However, there are more complicated decisions that will have a significant impact on our future and are more complex:

Should I stay in this job even though I hate it?

My relationship has been empty for years, should I leave?

Should I move back to my home country?

Should we have a child?

Should I start a business?

The list goes on. These decisions require courage and a willingness to reflect on who you are and what you want out of life.

Some people are ambivalent, or even unhappy, in their current situation, yet they procrastinate, or just go from week to week complaining, without taking action to improve their situation. They feel it is easier to stay where they are (“It’s not that bad after all!”), rather than making a decision. In some cases, they may wait for someone to make the decision for them. However, not making a decision is just another way to make a decision.

Others tend to overanalyse every detail and possibility, which almost paralyses them from making any move at all. They are waiting to be certain before they act. They would like to get a certificate to confirm to them that scenario “A” is the right decision. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some make emotional decisions without really thinking of the impact or consequences of their actions. Sometimes this pays off, and other times it doesn’t.

I’m more inclined to use a logical, but at the same time, courageous approach to my decision-making process.

Steps for Making a Bold Decision


Pros and cons: This is always my starting point. I write all the positives and negatives regarding the different scenarios. I let my imagination go wild. I brainstorm and freely write everything that comes to mind.


Calculate the risks: I gather all the information on scenarios one and two that I can find. I might seek advice or do a mind map, and then estimate the risks of each scenario.


Gut feeling: After gathering all the pros and cons and reviewing the risks, I then reflect on all this information. Which one excites me? What is my gut feeling telling me?


The third option: We often think of a decision in terms of scenario one or two, but there is always a third option. So, I think outside the box and look for “scenario three,” as it may be the right option for this particular situation.


Different positive pathways: I remind myself that there is no right or wrong decisions, only different paths. Whether you choose scenario one or two, what truly counts is that once you make the decision, you run with it wholeheartedly. Put your dedication and passion into it. It’s the attitude that counts.


Don’t follow the sheep: There are many well-worn paths that people choose to take. I believe in opening my eyes and my mind and looking for the paths less travelled, and I never look back.


No guarantees: We don’t know what the future will hold for us, and we know that there are no guarantees in life. Whatever I choose becomes an experience that I can learn and grow from. I remind myself that it takes courage to live an exciting life.

So with that, I’m certainly walking the walk this month. I have made a bold and exciting decision: I’m leaving my job, my friends and colleagues, and the UAE at the end of the month. I will be moving to Borneo, where I will start my own non-profit project to help underprivileged women. This was clearly not an easy decision, but I feel 100% committed to it and I am following something that I am truly passionate about. Life is an adventure and I’m going for it!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers who emailed me and appreciated the articles. I’m very grateful for your feedback. Writing the articles has been a joyful experience and I have learnt a great deal. Good luck in your decision- making process!

“We’re not here for a long time, but for a good time!” – G.C.