Essential Training to Inspire and Empower Women

Local Organisations

PurpleLily previously worked with the following local organisations:

Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of women’s equality and elimination of violence against women and children.

Perkata Sarawak is a non-profit organisation that operates the Perkata Special Needs School in Kuching. Its activities are directed at improving the general welfare of children with special needs in Sarawak. The adjacent Perkata Gallery is a subsidiary income support for the school and offers a wide range of products.

Sarawak Single Mothers Association (Pitsa) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Kuching. Pitsa currently has nearly 9000 members.

Tanoti is a congregation of Sarawakian women weavers and artisans dedicated towards the production, promotion and proliferation of hand-crafted fabrics. This continuously-growing community of craftswomen had its origins in a research and development workshop set up by a foundation established by Her Royal Highness the Queen of Malaysia in 2008, the Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah.