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Way to go SM Sains girls!

Way to go SM Sains girls!

Way to go SM Sains girls!

PurpleLily began Life Skills workshops at SM Sains Kuching in March 2013 as part of the school’s Co-Curricular Program. While our usual clientele are women working in low paying jobs, we appreciated the importance of young women learning life skills and offered to be involved in a Life Skills program at the school. We adapted our workshops and activities to be age appropriate for the Form 4 students.


The vision of PurpleLily is to inspire and empower women. However, I must admit, when I go to SM Sains these girls inspire me. They are a wonderful group of girls who are always keen to learn and participate. They are open, enthusiastic and analytical. In addition to this the girls are self-reflective about the topics, not afraid to ask questions and readily discuss the issues.

Most of these girls come from low socio-economic backgrounds and from villages far from Kuching. The school is well known as a high performance boarding school which has high standards and high expectations for each student. To enrol at SM Sains students must have excellent grades, determination and courage.

Living away from their families and village life is certainly difficult for some, but they have incredible self-motivation and inner strength. They are often the pride of their families, which is an honour for the girls, but this can also bring a lot of pressure. Most of the girls only visit their families and friends on extended holidays. However, they are extremely resilient and I’m always impressed by their level of maturity and focus.

The workshops involve a range of individual and group activities and the girls are always 110% committed to whatever we task we propose. They are very keen to learn. Given they are growing teenagers going through lots of changes, our main focus is to help them believe in themselves, develop their confidence, manage their stress, have a positive attitude and stay motivated in difficult times.

Every time we go to SM Sains the girls are always welcoming and appreciative of our workshops. I’m always amazed at how well they embrace the practical steps we teach them like: using affirmations and “power pose” before their exams.

The girls involved in the Life Skills group are simply remarkable. Having the opportunity to be with them in the workshops is a joy and a breath of fresh air. They demonstrate some key skills required for the 21st century which include critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. They give me hope that they will be future role models for Malaysian women. Keep it up Sains girls!